Managing Director – Mobility goes Additive e.V. & Head of AM – DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH, Germany

Stefanie Brickwede graduated from the TU Hanover as an economics major and started her career in the mobility sector. She held various management positions at the Deutsche Bahn AG before in 2015 she took over as Head of the corporate project 3D printing. She is responsible for the introduction of Additive Manufacturing throughout the DB group.

With this background came an understanding of the opportunities and challenges for AM users and Stefanie Brickwede passionately set up the international leading network ”Mobility goes Additive” in 2016 with the aim of pushing industrial 3D printing into series production. With the „Medical goes Additive“-division launched in 2019 the focus of the network was widened to assist Hospitals, companies and institutions throughout the medical sector to extend the use of Additive Manufacturing. Now, MGA has more than 140 member companies active in close to 20 working and focus groups. In addition, Ms. Brickwede is the initiator of the “Women in AM” network and actively promotes women in the AM industry.


Head of Strategic Knowledge and Research, Volvo Cars, Sweden

Inclusive and knowledge driven cross functional leader, dedicated to the development and empowerment of co- workers and organizational long-term development.

Extensive experience in leading in multifunctional, broad organizations, combined with strong external partnerships. A firm believer in challenge and change focused cultural development, clear and well anchored targets, communication, and inclusion. Well-known for high end results on established key objectives and deliveries.

Multinational, multisector background, including former member of a university EMT.


Professor, University of Liège, Belgium

Pierre Duysinx has a master in Electromechanical Engineering (professional focus on Aerospace, 1990) and a PhD in Aerospace from University of Liege (1996). After a Post Doc at Danish Technical University, he becomes professor (2003) at University of Liege heading the Automotive Engineering Laboratory of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department of University of Liege. Since October 2022, he is the Vice Rector for Mobility and International Affairs of University of Liege.

Pierre Duysinx is an expert in Shape and Topology Optimization applied to lightweight Automotive and Aerospace structures. Since 1990, he has developed new computer aided methods for industry to create innovative concepts in structural designs, multilateral and composite structures, electromagnetic energy convertors and MEMS, and machine components made by additive manufacturing. He works in collaboration with major Automotive and Aerospace Companies in Europe and Japan.



Senior Sales and Project Manager, Argo-Anleg GmbH, Germany

Mechanical background, trained engineer in industrial automation. Active for 25 years in international sales and project management of composite technologies and equipment for the manufacture of composite products with unit numbers 1-1. million parts per annum. He has always accompanied developments for sustainable manufacturing and transportation of goods. During Covid-19 time Businessdevelopment of hydrogen gas tanks and tank systems. Since October 2022 at Argo-Anleg GmbH, WEsel (NRW), responsible head of sales and project mangement.

Argo-Anleg offers engineering and technical solutions for the hydrogen value chain from electrolyser over gas storage to entire system and fuel cell integration.

Focus: Reduction to the essential (minimal interfaces, safety). Always considering lightweight construction, especially in mobility applications.


Vice president of Engineering and R&T, FACC Operations GmbH,

Born and raised in Vienna. Studied at the University of Southampton and has a Master’s Degree in Ship Science-Yacht and Small Craft.

Worked in Power boating before moving into the Aircraft Composite Industry at FACC. Many Engineering Functions over the years; VP of Engineering and R&T since 2020.

Prime Focus: Getting Mature Technologies from R&T into Customer Products to successfully serve the quest for further weight saving using materials that support recyclability targets.


Ulf Håkansson, Technical Manager at Skanska, Sweden

Ulf Håkansson is technical manager at Skanska, one of the world’s largest contractors with head office in Stockholm, Sweden.

He has earlier been Director of R&D at corporate HQ and adjunct professor at the Royal institute of Technology, KTH. He has more than 25 years of international experience in Civil Engineering, having worked with university research, as a design engineer, as a contractor and as technical support to a major machine supplier. Much of the work has been international and related to ground engineering and tunneling.

Ulf Håkansson is currently involved in various R&D activities within the Skanska worldwide group, with focus on automated construction, digitalization and AI as well as geotechnical and underground engineering.

Amaya Igartua

Doctor in Sciences (Chemistry), Coordinator of Materials Initiatives (EUMAT, AMI), TEKNIKER, Spain

Amaya Iguarta is actually the Coordinator of European Actions in Materials in the Research Institution TEKNIKER and co-secretary of the European Platform of Materials EUMAT and the Alliance for Materials (

She is member of the core team of AMI2030 initiative. She has been for 10 years, the Head of the Tribology Unit in TEKNIKER. She has been participating in more than 50 EU Projects coordinating 4 of them, and she is author of more than 200 publications in peer review papers, congress, or book chapters.

She has been involved in several EU Projects related to surface treatments and light materials enhancing tribological properties and corrosion resistance of magnesium (NANOMAG), titanium (BIOTIDE) and aluminum (MUSIC, ALEPRE), for transport, energy, biomedical applications, and home appliance.

Lena Killander

Programme manager, Industrial Technologies, Vinnova, Sweden

Lena works for Vinnova in industrial Technologies and is an expert in cluster 4 for industry.

Anna Kleissner

Anna Kleissner, CEO Econmove GmbH, Germany

Anna Kleissner studied economics in Graz and has more than 20 years of experience in economic research, and political and business consulting.

Her main areas of expertise are regional economics and structural change, national accounting including satellite accounts, impact analysis, energy and mobility transition as well as sport economics.

Kleissner started her career at the Institute for applied sciences Carinthia, worked as a senior researcher, member of the board and management director in different institutes, namely Economica Institute for Economic Research, SportsEconAustria, TwinEconomics (Cologne) and Ex- Aqua Research. Since 2020 Kleissner is managing her own company Econmove. She is also lecturer for regional economics and sport economics at different universities in Austria and Germany. The mother of one son is also involved in voluntary work, for example, as a member of the Business Women’s Centre board and chair of the grassroots sports commission of Bundes-Sport GmbH (BSG).


Managing Director of GRADEL Group, Luxembourg

Starting as mechanical engineering 1991 at GRADEL Sàrl in Luxembourg, he was involved in the development of special purpose machines for nuclear power plants, space and glass industry. He is today the CEO and major share holder of the GRADEL Group.

GRADEL diversified in 2020 with its Sustainable Lightweight Design and Manufacturing Centre for industrialising an endless filament winding process technology, allowing weight savings up to 70% by minimising the CO2 footprint at best with regard of the whole value chain having the objective to reach full circularity for structural composite components.

Carine Petit

Carine Petit, Attachée qualifiée – R&I Expert – Horizon Europe Service public de Wallonie Économie Emploi Recherche, Belgium

Carine is bioengineer by background with a PhD specialised in soil sciences, GIS, remote sensing and detection of land use and land cover changes. She has a triple professional experience in the academic, administrative, and business environments at regional, federal, and European levels.

She worked successively:
– as a teaching assistant and a researcher at the Catholic University of Louvain
– as a research programme manager in Earth Observation at the Belgian Science Policy Office, and then as a Senior Science Officer at the COST Office
– as business development manager in a Space SME

Beginning 2019, she integrated the Public Service of Wallonia, Department of Research and Technological Development, within the group of European and international affairs. She represents the Walloon Region in federal groups of concertation, and Belgium in Programme Committees of Cluster 4 (as a space expert), Cluster 6, several Partnerships and Missions.



Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Austria

Alexander Pogány has a MSc. in Microbiology and worked for about 3 years at Baxter Bioscience as validation expert in the Quality Control.

Since 2004 he works as senior expert in the national and international research policy in the area of Key Enabling technologies (Nanotechnology, Materials research and production). This includes the coordination of several research programmes. He is Austrian Delegate for the Horizon Europe Cluster 4 programme, the Working Party BNCT (Bio, Nano and converging Technologies) and WPMN (Manufactured Nanomaterials) of the OECD, and of Mirror Groups in several European Technology Platforms.

Cecilia Ramberg

Director of LIGHTer, The Swedish Strategic Research and Innovation Programme on Lightweight Solutions, Sweden

Cecilia is a senior researcher at RISE.

Since 2013 she has been responsible for the management team of LIGHTer.

LIGHTer is the hub of Swedish lightweight technology development. Within LIGHTer we develop networks, technology, value chains, and competence within lightweight solutions.


Magdalena Sandström

EVP BU Wind, Diab International AB, Sweden

Magdalena Sandström has worked for lighter composite sandwich products since 2003 with Diab International AB. Diab is a Swedish owned company, turnover 200m€, which provides light weight core materials for structural sandwich applications.

Magdalena is a chemical engineer and started as a material development engineer in the plastics industry. Over the years at Diab she has worked with R&D, marketing, business development, application development and is now leading the business unit wind supplying core materials worldwide to the wind turbine blade manufactures.

She has solid experience in leading projects from idea to realization and business. Magdalena is a board member of Swedish innovation program LIGHTer since 2019.

Javier Sanfelix

Policy Officer, European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, Industrial Transformation, Spain

Javier Sanfelix, PhD in engineering science in the field of analysis of environmental and economic impacts of batteries for electric vehicles. He is currently working as a research policy officer at the European Commission’s Industrial Transformation Unit (DG Research and Innovation) dealing, among other activities, with research policies in the area of safety and sustainability of chemicals and materials.

He has previously worked at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, providing scientific support for policies related to sustainable production and consumption, focusing on circular economy aspects.


Deputy Director-General, Raw Materials Policy, Resource Efficiency, Circular Economy, Germany

Ms. Susanne Szech-Koundouros joined the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate action in 1991 after having completed her studies in law. Already early on in her career, she connected to the European spirit and went in 1993 -the first time- to the Permanent Representation in Brussels, dealing there mainly with the association agreements with the Baltic countries.

While moving on in her career in the ministry she always kept this connection, now as head of the economic department of the Permanent Representation (2008- 2012), later on as EU coordinator in the office of the vice chair of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group (2014 – 07/2018) in Berlin and finally as Deputy Permanent Representative for Germany in COREPER1 (2018 – 2022). Since September 2022 Ms. Susanne Szech-Koundouros is responsible for raw materials policy, circular economy,resource conservation and environmental law as Deputy-Director General back in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

Boel Wadman

Research and Business developer, RISE, Sweden

Boel Wadman has a background in materials research from Chalmers. Since 1998, she is working at RISE with the introduction of new materials and processes in industry, where she has managed several projects on Technology infrastructures for materials and manufacturing.

Boel coordinates the international strategy of the Swedish Innovation Programme LIGHTer and is a member of the organizing committee of the 3rd ELN Conference.


Bernt Erik

Chief Technology Officer, Minesto AB, Sweden

Responsible for technology and product development in Minesto.

Naval architect with background from floating off-shore oil and gas units, prior to joining Minesto in 2016.